Waymo - Google's Self Driving Car Project

Everyone agrees that in our busy lives, driving a car on messed up road is a biggest headache.  Google has initiated the step to overcome this problem.
Self-driving car is the right solution for about every person.   Through this technology, the car owner will not need to drive his car.  He will tell his car the place he wants to go and his car will take him to the right destination.
Google has equipped the car with special sensors, satellite navigation and specific software, all of which will work to produce the desired result.
“We’ve taught our cars to navigate through many complicated scenarios on city streets” according to Google.

This means that the self-driven car will be capable to recognize everything in front of it like any object, any vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle or even a fluttering plastic shopping bag.  Whatever comes in front of this car, its sensors will recognize it and will drive the car according to the scenario.  Hence the safety of the riders will be the major preference to be ensured at first.

Google is currently working in collaboration with major automobile companies and IT services giants for the success of this project, but still there are some blemishes present in the entire system.  UK cyber-security experts are warning that the self-driving cars can be hacked easily.  Highest security measures with respect to computing and network infrastructure will have to be taken to successfully run this service.
As Google is the most leading company in the internet and IT services, we are now hoping that this Google product will must be very useful in our everyday lives.


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