iPhone X - Another Revolution

Apple, the status symbol, is not lagging behind in the technology race. To compete its rivals in technology, Apple has launched iPhone X a completely different and again a big revolution.
Lets talk about its prominent features.
Completely bezel-less screen.5.8 inches OLED super retina display.Surgical graded metal body, with durable front and back glass panels.Extraordinary Apple Bionic A11 chipsetFreshley baked iOS 11

QUICK SPECSSCREEN SIZE5.8 inchesCAMERA12+12 MP (dual) rear / 7 MP frontRAM3 GBINTERNAL MEMORY64/256 GBOS iOS 11

Samsung Frame TV - A Classic Art Picture Frame and an Ultra HD Smart TV

People attract toward beauty, its a fact. But what happens when someone sees any remarkably enchanting piece of beauty? It gives an amazing delightful and pleasant feeling for a long time.

I am talking about the all-new revolutionary Samsung 4K UHD Frame TV. The very first impression of this tv is a pure neat and beautiful picture frame. No one can judge it as an UHD LED TV.
This surrounds with a real art textured fiber-made frame and this TV hangs on the wall (like traditional LED TV) with a very very minor wall-to-TV gap.

This TV comprises the same UHD screen technology, but the key difference is that when you switch this TV off, it converts into a real-looking picture frame. It means, when you switch it off, it still remains on and shows the a picture making it a mesmerizing piece of art.

Here are some prominent features of Samsung Frame TV
1 - An inspirational master piece of art
2 - 4K HDR Pro
3 - Built-in Art Store collection of hundreds of art work
4 - Custom picture can also …

Note 8 – A lucid technology avalanche

A change is a common human essence and this is the phenomenon which Samsung has got for its mobile phone inventions.
Once again, keeping its tradition, Samsung is introducing the brand new Note 8 as complete bundle of innovative and handy technologies.
Lets have a quick glance on some prominent features of note 8
·A large 6.3 UHD Infinity display·Improved S pen functionalities i.e. Live Message·6 GB RAM·Water/Dust resistant·Samsung DEX·Gear VR and Gear 360 compatible·Samsung Bixby·Dual camera 12 + 12 MP with natural background blur DSLR-like effectUltra HD sound quality upto 128 bitd
ARCHITECTURE Weight:  195 g Dimensions:  6.40 x 2.94 x 0.34 inches Structure:  Bar form DISPLAY

Samsung DeX : Converts S8/S8+ into a desktop PC

Microsoft Continuum was the first system to give its users a revolutionary desktop PC experience. We can say, Continuum was a complete yet complete mobile PC platform.
And now, the mobile computing technology has stepped even more ahead and we have got another skillful tech gadget today.
Lets welcome to Samsung DeX!
This is the perfect replicant of Microsoft Continuum.
Just like Continuum, Samsung DeX provide a docking station with some ports to connect with the peripherals and on the top of it, you can place the Samsung flagship Galaxy S8 or S8+.  The resultant will be the perfect PC experience based on the all-new DeX UI.

Samsung DeX dock let your Galaxy S8/8+ get charge through USB type C port, while giving a full HD output optimized for 1080p 16:9 display monitor. The DeX will work perfect on other resolution displays too.

Samsung DeX dock has one HDMI out port, a LAN ethernet, USB-C charging and two USB-A 2.0 ports to connect keyboard and mouse etc.  DeX docking station has a built-in …

HP OMEN X 900 - The Extreme Specs Giant Gaming PC

Pac-Man is the video game, which approximately everyone has played in the past.  Whether one has played it in year 1980, 1995 or in 2010, it was the arcade game with very low graphics and just few functional options.  For those low graphics games, we needed low specs video game consoles and low specs PCs i.e. DOS running systems.
But when we talk about today’s famous video games, this means we are talking about ultra-high graphics and the latest cutting-edge technologies like 3D, VR and AR.  And for these powerful video graphics, we need ultra high specs consoles and systems .
Today, I am going to talk about a very powerful PC, which is among the one of those ultra high specs giant systems, which are specifically used for gaming purpose.
HP OMEN X900.  Yes ! this is the real beast.

At first let’s have  a look at salient properties of this machine
1.  45 degree ultra modern design, having a greater ease for user to operate it 2.  The revolutionary thermal-cooled design 3.  Hi-tech chassis des…

Waymo - Google's Self Driving Car Project

Everyone agrees that in our busy lives, driving a car on messed up road is a biggest headache.  Google has initiated the step to overcome this problem. Self-driving car is the right solution for about every person.   Through this technology, the car owner will not need to drive his car.  He will tell his car the place he wants to go and his car will take him to the right destination. Google has equipped the car with special sensors, satellite navigation and specific software, all of which will work to produce the desired result. “We’ve taught our cars to navigate through many complicated scenarios on city streets” according to Google.
This means that the self-driven car will be capable to recognize everything in front of it like any object, any vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle or even a fluttering plastic shopping bag.  Whatever comes in front of this car, its sensors will recognize it and will drive the car according to the scenario.  Hence the safety of the riders will be the major preferen…

8 GB RAM, 92 MP and Augmented Reality in ZenFone AR (ZS571KL)

It is completely perplexing.  In fact it is insane.  Even in today’s time, a cell phone is having an 8 GB RAM, is very confusing.  This is what Asus claimed for its brand-new freshly arrived ZenFone AR (ZS571KL).

Not only the ZenFone AR is equipped with a bulk of RAM, but this phone also has a magnificent photography camera having 92 MP Super Resolution.  This device has a TriCam system, having three cameras working same time altogether to create an augmented reality experience.

The story does not end here.  Yet, there is an amazing revolutionary attribute of this device, which is Augmented Reality (AR).
Asus ZenFone AR is the world’s first mobile phone which is Tango enabled and Daydream-ready. Tango is a Google developed and owned Augmented Reality Computing Platform in which the said device will be able to create an image which will be physical real-world environment.  (We can more research on AR by searching it on internet)
Daydream is a Google owned VR project.  Google has already lau…