Giant Screen Phones - Vogue and Mania

Whether the mobile phone user is a teenager or a middle aged person, they prefer big screen phones.  This is an essential now.  There are some merits of the bigger screen over the smaller one, like:

  • Easy to read
  • Perfect entertainment for a movie or show watching
  • Easy to type
  • Perfect stylish
There was a time when 4.5 inches screens were considered to be enormous screens.  People were frenzy to buy them.

But now, people do not love these 4.5 inches big screen phones.

Yes, they do not like those.  In fact they like more bigger and bigger screens.  People like the extreme giant screens, like 6.5 inches and 6.8 inches.  Whatever we say about this concept, either it is a craze, mania, fashion or style, this is the trend which is spreading very fast.

So, today, lets have a look at some famous above than 6-incher phones.

1.  HUAWEI P8 MAX (6.8 inches)

2.  ASUS ZENFONE 3 ULTRA ZU680KL  (6.8 inches)

3.  HUAWEI HONOR NOTE 8  (6.6 inches)

4.  ZTE NUBIA X6 (6.44 inches)


5.  LENOVO PHAB 2 PRO  (6.4 inches)

6.  XIAOMI MI MAX (6.44 inches) 

7.  SAMSUNG GALAXY S8+  (6.2 inches)

8.   ZTE MAX XL  (6.0 inches)

9.   SONY XPERIA XA1 ULTRA  (6.0 inches)

10.  SAMSUNG GALAXY A9  (6.0 inches)

11.   GIONEE MARATHON M5 PLUS (6.0 inches)

12.   ASUS ZENFONE 2 LASER ZE601  (6.0 inches)


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