Korean Varient Phones - Original, Not Replica

Mobiles phones are the basic needs, now-a-days indeed, but they have become a craze also.

Approximately every person wants to participate in the race of latest and best smartphones. When buying a phone, people want full of features, latest, beautiful and cheaper phone.  And in the cheaper class, the korean variant phones are the best choice.

People know the korean phones are too much cheaper than the european or international ones, still people dislike these all korean variants.  People living in any country of the world, like USA, UAE, UK, Spain or India, they just hate the korean variants and often people get misunderstanding that korean-made phones are replica. But the fact is that they are originally made under the company manufacturing factory in Korea.

Yes, it is a fact that people do not want to buy korean variant phones, even in case of the world's famous brand icons, Samsung and LG.

And in my opinion, not buying Korean phones in not a wise decision

Talking about the features, specification and capabilities of these korean variant handsets especially in year 2017, they support 4G LTE services (the basic need of users).  They have the same other specs, like screen size, screen resolution, cameras and internal space etc, even these phones have more RAM than international versions.  Below are some examples:

Note 5 Korean Varient with Olleh Logo

Below is the international variant of Note 5

Hence, viewing the specs, they are the same.  So buying these Korean made phones are the resultant of great pleasure and elegance


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